As enthusiast of 3D industry trying to make some 3D models on my  own or with my partners I have found interesting tutorials in the internet. Those tutorials could be helpful for those  interested and trying to start exciting adventure with developing 3D models and 3d environments. The models on the slide show are models based on those tutorials . Apart of  admiring 3D industry I am interesting in some other new technologies, so you can find some other interested information and tutorials about some other interested topics.

I hope , that any visitor can find here some helpful information for personal development the same way I have found  and develop my skills in last few years.


Excellent and totally free tutorials in Blender . Those are perfect tutorials for very fast introduction  to Blender  3D software . With every single tutorial you will create fast amazing 3d model  or 3d

April 4th, 2017|

CG Masters

  Master It Vol1&2-Fundamentals was one of my first tutorials in Blender and it help me gain easily  skills . In those tutorials  you can get familiar with modelling, texturing and rendeiring . You

April 4th, 2017|

Lamborghini Gallardo tutorial

Lamborghini Gallardo tutorial is one of few video tutorials for SolidWorks from Dan Lavoie.

July 30th, 2016|

Yacht tutorial

Tutorial created by Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn how to design  yacht In SolidWorks is very good and it gave me  a lot satisfaction after completion of the tutorial. I had learned some new techniques how to create 3d

November 14th, 2015|